Friday, August 24, 2012

Worth Waiting For(MM)

Available on All Romance and Amazon Kindle!
Blurb: Twice in a lifetime?
Craig isn't one for having friends. In fact, he's content being a loner until he meets new guy, Jason one summer's day.

Jason is everything Craig isn't. Jason is handsome, athletic, and charismatic. But Jason also harbors a deep secret. Soon they form a fast friendship that changes into something much more.

After an impromptu trip to visit Jason's estranged gay brother, Craig reveals Jason's dark secret and Jason vows to never see Craig again before he sends him away.

Years pass and Craig moves on with his life. After a couple of bad relationships, he's done with dating and finding Mr. Right. But when an older and more mature Jason steps back into his life looking to hookup again, he can't help but wonder if there's still a spark waiting to be relit between them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just A Taste - JC Holly

Coming soon to Amazon Kindle!

Jenna is a succubus, a creature that feeds upon lust and sexual energy. And she's good at her job. Who wouldn't be after 700 years? When Terry tries to pick her up in a bar, she takes him back to her place for a night literally straight out of his dreams.

He – Barry? Terry? It mattered little – had been easy enough to entice back to the apartment. They always were. After seven centuries of practise, Jenna was confident she could entice anyone, male or female.
The man – let’s say Terry – swaggered through the door of the apartment like he had a choice in the matter. He didn’t, of course. As soon as he’d fed her the first chat up line in the bar, she let her magics do their work. He glanced around at the decor, and Jenna took the opportunity to appraise what she’d be fucking.
Six feet tall, with arms that bulged in all the right places. His straw blond hair was cropped short, but long enough to run a hand through, if not to grab hold of, and his blue eyes were bright as a clear sky. More importantly, his jeans left nothing to the imagination, and Jenna was pleased to see more than enough cock was stashed away behind the tight denim.
“Nice place,” he said with a confident smile.
“It keeps the rain off my head.” She gestured to the leather sofa. “Sit.”
It wasn’t a request. She pushed a tiny bit of her will into the word, and as a result Terry couldn’t have refused even if he wanted to. He dropped onto the seat and watched her as she poured herself onto the seat next to him. His gaze slid from her eyes to the pale skin of her neck, then paused for a long moment on her chest before sliding down to her leather pants. She let him look, then placed a finger under his chin and lifted his head and fixed his stare.
“Let’s see what I’ve got to work with,” she muttered.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Gay Zombie

Coming soon to Amazon Kindle!


Jeremy has a major problem. He’s dead!
After a night of partying, Jeremy is awakened from his eternal slumber only to discover that he’s dead, or at least deadish. After meeting good guy, Randell on a dark and deserted road, the two guys quickly fall in lust with each other.

Jeremy is quickly discovering new things about himself such as his love of human brains. His urges cannot be controlled and when he realizes that Randell is endangered by being in his company, a decision must be made to protect him.
Randells heart thumped hard inside his chest. That face and that body. Instantly, he became erect just as Jeremy walked into the living area. And now, thoughts of doing extremely naughty things with him coursed throughout his mind causing him to blush.
            Fumbling through his closet, he grabbed a pair of sleep pants along with a sweatshirt. It would do.
            Im chilled.
            Randell jumped and turned to see Jeremy standing behind him.
            I appear to have startled you this time. Its becoming a habitwith us. Jeremy sat on the edge of his bed.
            God, he was super sexy! This should fit you and its warm. His mind skittered once again to the naughties. If youre hungry, I can make something.
            Jeremy nodded. I am hungry, but it isnt for food.
            Coffee? I know it always brings me around when Im feeling slightly off, or a beer?
            Not what I have in mind. Jeremy pulled the towel from around his waist.
            This had to be a dream, a delicious dream. And if it was? He sure as shit didnt want to wake up.
Whatever had come over him, Jeremy didnt know. Much like the hunger, right now all he wanted to do was fuck. Lust flowed throughout his body and with only one thing on his mind, he closed in on Randell.
            Um, what are you doing?
            I saw the way you looked at me when I came from the shower. You had that look in your eyes, a look that told me so much with just one passing glance, he replied, taking Jeremys hand and placing it on his chest against his ashen, cool flesh.
            The guy flushed crimson. Its just that--
            No need to explain. He pressed one finger against Jeremys lips. You saw something you liked and I have too. Theres no shame in that, contrary to what some others may say or think.
            Its just that Ive never done anything like this before.
            With another guy? he asked, the thought of seducing a virgin, brought his excitement and horniness to a whole new level.
            With anyone. Im a virgin.
            But you like guys?
            Randell nodded, taking in a deep breath. Very much so.
            Jeremy dropped to his knees, his cock rock hard, pointing upward. He unzipped Randells fly and reached in until he found what he desired, eight inches of thick, throbbing cock. Uncut. Bonus!
            Sweet Jesus, said Randell.
            He has nothing to do with it, replied Jeremy, looking up. He then opened his mouth and didnt stop until he felt pubic hair rubbing against his nose.
            Like an animal driven by some unknown need to quench a lustful thirst, he sucked up and down, his goal to not only pleasure this guy, but also fulfill the urge within himself.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Gay Zombie Coming October!

Look for it this October!

If you're looking for great cover art, this artist can be found at the following link:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011


Description: Jesse Kline is out to explore the most infamous murder sites in his home state for an upcoming photography book. But when he ends up at Cutter Farm, the site of a quintuple murder, he encounters Cutter, the farm’s caretaker.

After a hot interlude with the mysterious, sexy stranger, he makes a revelation that will forever change his outlook on life and what’s real and what isn’t.

[M/M, anal sex, mild BDSM, spanking]

Short story

Buy Links: All Romance and Amazon
Excerpt: “Do you mind if I ask what you’re doing in here?” asked the young man standing before him. He was around twenty years of age give or take a year, and except for a pair of well-worn jeans he was shirtless and quite fine looking. His bright blue eyes shone in the dimly lit room. His head was shaved and tanned. “You do realize that you’re trespassing on private property. Didn’t you take note of the sign out there on the road? You shouldn’t be in here, it really isn’t safe. A city boy like you could come to a lot of harm out here on his own.”

Jesse was lost for words. Where had this man come from? He hadn’t heard anyone enter the house. Surely he would have heard him come in through that creaky front door. “I…well…I was taking some pictures,” he stammered. He hadn’t seen any sign. If there was one it was probably buried in that mess of grass out there.

“I don’t mean any harm.”

“Pictures?” The young man shot him a strange look. He ran one hand across his fine, tanned chest to scratch his right shoulder. “You’re one of them artsy types.”

“Yes,” replied Jesse, slightly distracted by the man’s fantastic body. This was no time to let his mind run wild.

“Can I ask who you are?”

The guy smirked. “I should be asking you that question. So, who are you and why are you taking pictures here?”

“My name is Jesse Kline. I’m a photographer, and I was taking shots for a book about the history of this place, and other infamous murder sites.” He figured it was best to be honest and forthright about his intentions. If the guy asked him to leave, he would without putting up a fuss. He sure as hell did not want to get arrested for trespassing. This guy looked like he could open a can of whoop ass on him at any time. He so didn’t need that.

“Fair enough. I’m Cutter, that’s what everyone calls me. I keep an eye on the place.”

“Cutter, as in the family that lived here?” He didn’t think any still lived in the immediate area. That didn’t really mean anything; Cutter could have lived in any of the nearby towns.

“Yup, we’re kin. You’d be surprised at how many idiots come out here looking to get a peek at the place, and to snag a souvenir. Most times they’re easily scared off.”

“That’s sad,” Jesse said. “There are far too many assholes in this world. I wouldn’t take anything other than pictures.” He held up his camera to make his point.

Cutter nodded. “Well, Jesse Kline. I don’t see any harm in you taking pictures down here, but you can’t go upstairs. It’s not safe, the floors gone soft.” Cutter stamped hard on the floor with one foot. “You’d come down right through to here if you did.”

That sucked! “Thanks for the warning.” His eyes strayed to Cutter’s chest, and when he turned away as the man watched him, his cheeks grew hot. “What about the outbuildings?”

“They’re still pretty decent, considering. I can give you a tour. There isn’t a whole lot to see, but I can show you if you’d like.” Cutter turned and started out of the house.

“Sure, yeah that would be great.” Jesse chased after him, grabbing his backpack in the hall by the front door as he exited the house. “How often do you come out here to check on the place?” he asked. It was a lame effort to make conversation.

“I’m always around,” said Cutter. “There’s the big barn, and the little barn. The fields have been reclaimed by good ole Mother Nature. That’s all there is to it,” explained Cutter. “It’s a pity that the place never sold. It would have been nice to see another family living here, to keep everything up and in repair. It was a great place in its prime.”

Jesse agreed, though he couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to live here knowing about the murders. “Yeah, that sucks.”

“You’re not from around here, are you? You a city boy?”

Up ahead, Jesse spotted a large barn that at one point had been painted red. “I’m not. How did you guess?”

“You have a city boy accent. I don’t mean any offense,” said Cutter. “City boys are just as good as country boys,” he continued on, looking back at Jesse with a slight, cute grin.

“You can go in if you like,” said Cutter, once they got to the barn.
Jesse looked in through the entrance and up at the roof or lack of one. It was pretty much just large wooden beams with large expanses of blue sky, and sunshine filtering through. He shrugged out of his backpack and entered, his camera ready.

Inside it was pretty much just a room with stalls for horses, and other livestock, and the rusted hulk and a tractor and some other large farm machinery. “This is good,” he said. “I can work with this.” He snapped pictures of the machinery and stalls and, when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder, he jumped.

“Sorry,” said Cutter. “I seem to have a habit of scaring you.”

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Available on Kindle

Just Upstairs is available on Amazon Kindle, and will be coming to other third party vendor sites soon.

Description: Gay erotica writer, Simon Coldwell, gets more than he could have ever bargained for when his hot hunky upstairs neighbour shows up at his apartment door looking to borrow a cup of sugar, and a whole lot more.
[M/M, anal sex, BDSM, spanking]